Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer Durand meet future leaders in Biological Farming

‘What makes a successful biological farmer?  

Skilled biological farmers learn how to take care of soil life - they nurture it, feed it a balanced diet, and use tillage tools and methods to enhance soil life.  They must understand proper use of livestock manure, compost and green manure crops.  They learn how to evaluate soil for its health, tilth, and soil life’.  Gary Zimmer, author of The Biological Farmer

SoilCare hosts Gary Zimmer, Leilani Zimmer-Durand, Judi Earl, Graham Lancaster, Alan Coates and Dave Forrest in March to help farmers from around Australia to advance biological farming practices in their regions.

3 x 3 day workshops will focus on Educators, Horticulture/Cropping and Grazing/Cropping groups.

The educators and farmers will become familiar with the Northern Rivers Soil Health Card (SHC) and will learn to adapt the Soil Health Card in their respective regions.

Farmers from Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and NSW will attend the workshops in Alstonville in March 2014 .The workshops are intended to advance the skills of farmers to become recognized as leaders in biological farming.

This project is sponsored by SoilCare Inc through funding from The Australian Government's Caring for our Country.

Gary and Leilani

Gary and Leilani

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